Yalta Conference 2.0

This is our group shot for the trip. After this, standing in front of ruins, a cathedral, or a coastline seemed pointless. Nothing would compare. A bit of backstory: Other Chris (3rd from right with sword) saw these photobooth vendors set up with clothing racks full of outfits along the Yalta promenade (an outdoor entertainment […]

The Black Sea, & Winery

After the palaces, it was time for lunch, a stroll down the promenade, and then a winery. Mind you, all this is happening in one day—a ton of stuff getting packed in here. Lunch was fairly solid this day. The borscht was somewhat flavorful, the setting enjoyable. Outside the restaurant was the Kodak kiosk above. […]

Vorontsov & Livadia Palaces

Vorontsov Palace was a very pleasant surprise. Located at the foot of the mountains in Alupka on the Black Sea, it was built by a prince for his summer home. It’s surrounded by a 100 acre park which provided a nice stroll leading up to the residence. It didn’t hurt that the weather was downright perfect. […]