Vine, McMicken, Findlay


My studiomates have a son, and he is now seven years old. Soon? He will be able to beat me at videogames and I will officially be very, very old. I’m optimistic for the world he is finding. Not just because they’ve mixed Legos and Star Wars. Because of most everything else*. * Save for […]

Farewell Yee-Haw

Read over on Yewknee (a favorite place on the internet) that Yee-Haw Industries letterpress studio was closing up shop. This news was and is sad. We tried to make a studio trip down before the doors closed but the news came too fast. We couldn’t make it, so I bought the print above instead:  Mary Huff’s Do […]

Bad Veins

Bad Veins release party for their new (and very solid) album The Mess We’ve Made. I could tell you how awesome these guys are, but I shall defer to Zan who writes lots better about the matter: Support Your Local Poet. (She also has better photos and does it all classic with real film.)

About to bloom

Mom’s garden is starting to get colorful.

TED promo

TED × Cincinnati 2012 promotional mural in Northside. This little fella was found outside our building and found a home immediately.

On the mend

After 10 days of feeling quite cruddy, I went and got everything possible to tackle bronchitis and began to feel immediately better.


For travel.