Pencils + chick

In addition to some candy, my friends’ kids get a container full of colored pencils in their Easter basket. This is a treat I could dig. (Especially after all these cupcakes and ice cream). Also going down on the farm? Spring chicks have arrived. One casualty so far, but the others seem to be holding […]

Yum Cupcakes

I didn’t want to show up to a dinner empty handed so I bought a box full of these cupcakes from Yum on the east side. Also, I felt like turning this into a dessert blog. The cupcakes were devoured quickly and I beleive there was some tension when the last chocolate one was gone.

Aglamesis Brothers

I’m (gladly) ressurecting my category for posts called, “This is why I’m fat.” I’ve lived in Ohio for 40 years and never stepped foot in Aglamesis Brothers. This is a horrible shame and the error has now been corrected. I know of no other place that makes plain banana ice cream. No chunks of chocolate […]

Taste of Belgium

Taste of Belgium Bistro in Over the Rhine has these waffles with Nutella and fruit that cap off breakfast quite nicely. Highly recommended any day of the week. Breakfast-mate Meredith stands in front of the West End Loan I felt compelled to snap because the signage hits all the right notes. I’m particuarly fond of […]


Breakfast in Kentucky.


Thanks to Maya, I’m participating in the next show at Visionaries + Voices called “Autocomplete.” In a nutshell, the studio/art space is pairing creative folks with V+V artists for collaborative works. Black and white drawings are the foundation and the outside artists and designers color them in. At first I was intimidated by the prospect, […]

Can vs. May

I stopped and asked, “Can I take a picture of your ferret?” And his walking attendant said yes, but as you can see above, the answer is actually no. Caught Jiro Dreams of Sushi and it was mouth watering. Best summed up by Naz’s thoughts: Shokunin.

About ready to rain

We’ve been getting some doozy storms of late. Sounds nice on the metal roof of the studio. And though it might appear that we’ve been lazy of late with no new things on our site, we’ve been pretty busy behind the scenes. Things are percolating.