St. Patrick’s Day Parade

With weather this nice, it’d be tough to skip out on a parade downtown. Maybe they weren’t expecting the REALLY HUGE crowd, because there was only a single beer truck. Thing is, it was fun standing in the really long line and soak up the sun and people.

He knew it was called an AT-ST and I didn’t

I’m not sure it’s considered babysitting if it lasts for 2 hours, but that’s what went down. It flew by thanks to equal parts: 1. Lego VW bus assembly (nowhere near complete) 2. Super Mario World classic SNES game 3. Breaking out old Star Wars toys 4. Annie’s cheddar bunny snack mix and soda water. […]

10 buck challenge

Tom and I took two hours out of the afternoon to see what we could make with 10 bucks each from the dollar store. I’m undecided if we improved upon the materials, but I’m leaning toward ‘yes.’ See what we made.

Fiesta Charra

It’s only taken like seven years, but we’re finally getting to know folks in Oxford who can join us for lunch. Today we had Mexican food uptown and spent a small chunk of the  meal marveling at the absurdity of politics. The other more important topics of conversation included music, Star Wars and movies that […]

Sometimes things are blurry

When resolutions get sharper, you understand focus all over again.


Cardboard for dinner

The contents of my cart

Sometimes I’ll just buy filler from the floral department and put that in a vase.