Colleen Wainwright

This is Colleen Wainwright. She’s good with the words and quick with a smile, among other things. I’ve known Colleen for years thanks to a half mad spinster, and got to see her for a little slice of time as she traveled through Cincinnati. As is wont, when you get together with someone passionate about life […]

The Mystery Machine is now a Chevy

As seen in Crescent Springs, Kentucky. Sidenote: I’m becoming exceptionally incensed by litter. I do not understand this behavior, at all.

I fear this is why the winter was so mild

The ol’ Rabbit was breathing hot air. Since the EPA lifted restrictions on freon dispensers, Tom was able to snag one of these EZ-Chills and get me back in cool business. Worked like a charm. Please note the safety precautions Tom is using: not just gloves, but protective eyewear. It’s always safety first around the […]


A long day of crunching numbers. A feeling of accomplishment. A visit with a friend. A beer. A music stand.

Public phone

A quiet day.

Nacho flavored taco

I am a marketer’s dream. A sucker for the new thing to try. Increasingly finding out about their schemes through social media. Unable to resist for lack of better gumption. The taco? Not as neat as you might expect if you favor Doritos or can stomach Taco Bell from time to time. Extremely brittle and barely […]

Spring was not cancelled

The color schemes for Easter make sense.

Cute as a bug

This Fiat 500 is pretty adorable. Caught this decked out ride on the river as I scrambled around the city for a few choice supplies and various pieces of furniture to surprise a friend who was out of town. Instead of simply cat-sitting I decided to channel Niecy Nash from Clean House and give the place a […]