Rainy day outside. Sports on the tv and homemade chili on the inside.

First stop, San Francisco

I think I’ve figured out my issue with San Francisco and California in general: I want to spend silly amounts of time there… and have my car. I love my car and the freedom and joy of driving. It’s a good state for that, with lots of destinations. I could stay, and linger, and plan […]

I missed my first flight

Ever fixated on your arrival time so much that you forgot your departure time? Yeah, that was me. Luckily I was able to switch to a flight 8 hours later and get a boatload of work done. Heading west for a wedding.

A slow cooked meal

My new joint didn’t come with a microwave. I can’t think of anything outside of melting butter quick that requires one.

Plaza signage

Whenever I get my car serviced these days, I pass by this plaza up in Fairfield. The sign gives me pause, every time. In part, it is the sheer scale of the thing, but density, shape and the color scheme add to the… intrigue. I’m burying this other shot from the day because a friend suggested I […]


Watched Submarine. If you like bands like Harold and Maude and Wes Anderson, you might like this movie. (Now on Netflix streaming) Reeled in by a cheap rental price and a convincing trailer, I was pleasantly surprised to find a story, characters and presentation that were absorbing enough to warrant another go round, which is […]


Hung out with my mom 3 days in a row and it still wasn’t enough! While eating brunch I snapped this photo of her necklace because it was awesome. Semi-related: At one point over the weekend we went to see The Hunger Games with a group of friends. I complained about the shaky camera but was […]

Afternoon with mom

I stopped by my mom’s and it was such a nice day out we decided to grab lunch a drive around. Ended up turning around and visiting all the places that looked interesting. Above? A random portrait of a couple at the Building Value re-use center in Northside. We thought the architecture of this EPA building […]