Dad, Mom and me at Acadia National Park, 1989. There is a pile of snapshots on the desk. They’re mostly photos of me that mom put together for a surprise birthday party back in December to celebrate my 40th. I need to get these photographs back to her, but I’m glad they were around today. […]


Catching up with things in the quiet hours of night.


Dropped off shirts at Fabricate and caught these two scheming the upcoming Crafty Supermarket. It’s kind of a ridiculous photo of Grace and Chris, but it shows their good spirits. They’ve made a great event that keeps getting better. Proof: Photos from last November’s Crafty Supermarket. Pimp hat: Applications for the Spring Show are open til Feb 29.

Trivia night

Trivia night fundraiser up in Oxford. Our table’s theme was “Forever Lazy” because it involved the least amount of effort. We donned pajamas, slankets, and the aforementioned As-Seen-On-TV polyester get-ups. We also won, but even losing would’ve been a blast I’m most sure. Thank you Zan, for letting me steal the following photo of our […]

A mid-winter fire

So the groundhog saw his shadow and we’re going to have more winter. If it continues with these 60° days, I’m not sure what that means other than we can have bonfires in this climate. And that’s what went down last night. A good fire brings out the best conversation. My contribution included a glowing review […]


Saw this on The AV Club: Terrifying horse mask has the greatest customer image gallery on Amazon I have no shame in seeing something and wanting to get on the train if it means fun will come of it. Haven’t figured out what type of setting would really add to the mix of the Amazon […]

A funeral

A friend’s mother passed away this week and she was laid to rest today. The unseasonable weather made for a fine backdrop to honor her life.

Lego Friends

I don’t spend much time lamenting the Lego of yore. You know, where you had a box of fairly basic geometric shapes that when put together formed a thing. They’ve not been replaced, these basic kits are still around. But alongside these sets are more complex endeavors with injection-molded bits that curve to fit the needs […]