One more visit

Went back to UC to catch that Charley Harper show one more time before it closed. Got a kick out of these steps on the UC campus.


The extent of the accumulation. I’ve started to really hunker down on recycling and I’ve stopped using aerosol hairspray altogether in hopes that we’ll have snow again one day. I’m also going to stop belaboring it now, promise.


Been on a flower buying kick of late. No holiday or rhyme or reason. Avoided these mylar balloons.

Charley Harper: A Bird’s Eye View

We Think the World of Birds commission for Cornell Lab of Ornithology    2005 ( Final piece + initial sketch with cut paper and acrylic ) I Predict the Weather gouache on board for Look Magazine    January 1955 ( Final layout + initial gouache painting ) The Fables: Jonah and the Whale Silkscreen    ca. […]

Another dud forecast

This, after the forecasters (actually, just an app on my phone), said that we’d get accumulation. Nothing really stuck, but I did enjoy a tiny bit of hyperspace effect from flurries when driving through Kentucky.

Events leading up to Bockfest

Some mornings you wake up and wonder about the photos on your camera. This was one of those nights. In fact, I didn’t even snap this image. It was a Sausage Queen preliminary round at the C&D in Northside to see who would compete and try to lead the Bockfest parade coming up. I believe […]

The post with a dog in a van that’s really about two movies

Mom is trying to catch all the Oscar nominated ‘Best Films’ and it’s a fairly subdued lot this year. But it’s fun to watch movies so she came over for take out Indian food and we scratched two off the list: “Midnight in Paris” Was a surprise. Thoroughly enjoyable and got the gears spinning how […]

In need of color

It’s at this point in the season when there’s a bit too much gray around and my eye gets hungry for color. Sometimes you find it in the least likely of places. Like say for instance, the trashcan at the studio. In other related business, I am renaming this particular season “THE WINTER OF NO […]