Steal Like An Artist

My friend and good man Austin Kleon wrote a book about being creative. Got it in the mail and the final product is a delight, expanding on his previous talk of the same title and adding nuance and context. It’s a great book, and ridiculously inexpensive. Austin made a site that provides a glimpse of […]

Those colorful stripes

I’m at a loss because I’ve no idea if these colorful stripes downtown are an installation, architecture or both. Finding information about them online is tough. This work is “Additional” by Julian Stanczak and I quite like it. ( Thanks Mr. Becker for the info! )  

Couple views of sunset

Nice sunsets heading over in to Kentucky this evenin’.


Chris from Fabricate needed a photo of the storefront for something and asked if I’d help out. I said sure. Figured I’d post it here so you can see the before shot and how a bit of perspective fiddling went down.

2012 Auto Show and then some

Kicked off the day at the Auto Show downtown. Fairly subdued affair this year ’round. Best of show in my book? The 2013 Ford Fusion. Agressive, Aston Martiny looks. Dig it thoroughly. Wandered downtown and thought these “short” buildings were pretty nifty, holding their own on 2nd street while big high rises sprout up all […]

A mark in progress and some plaid

Friends don’t always remember our studio is named Wire & Twine. A handful have mentioned they’ve been out wearing our shirts and when asked where to get one they search for a tag or some branding with no success. Shame on us. We’re working on changing that with a little tag that has a logo […]

A barn cropped odd

An invitation

A wedding on the left coast is on the horizon. If the invitation is any indicator of what is to come, I’ve a feeling it will be quite lovely.