Leap day at The Candy Bar

Walking through Main Strasse in Covington at night, the glow from The Candy Bar was too alluring to resist. I went in and asked about those Nestlé Crunch Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookie hybrid bars. They didn’t have them… yet. But they did have a host of other things that I snatched up for that […]

A loose screw and some inspiration

This screw was on my desk. And Tom brought this Grandaddy CD over after we marveled at Frank Chimero’s new website. (The CD is “Under the Western Freeway” by the way.

Fried Chicken

Went with a table-full of hungry fellas to the Greyhound Tavern in Northern Kentucky for their family style fried chicken dinner. (On Mondays and Tuesdays the side dishes are all you can eat.) It was the best fried chicken I’ve had in memory. Now I’m sure some other things went down this day, but the chicken is what […]

20th Century Cincinnati

Bakelite radios (and a Backgammon set) on display at the 20th Century Cincinnati event. I went to this mid-century modern pop-up shop / convention in the last hours on closing day. Things had been picked through and while there was lots of nice stuff, I had a mission and did not deviate from the shopping […]

Mill Creek

I pass by this view usually on the weekends and think of Grease, the LA River, and a touch of Ryan Gosling’s hand acting in Drive. The reflection of the blue sky is particularly misleading. This waterway that cuts through all districts of Cincinnati is quite a mess. There is hope to fix that: Mill Creek Restoration […]

My friend has a thing for vinyl toys

My friend Kyle has a thing for vinyl toys, and I like to give him shit about it. This might stem from our sparring about what constitutes good or valid street art, but more likely it’s because he’s a standup guy and hard to pester in general. I will say, I’m not a fan of […]


A 3D movie about a german dancer and choreographer? Sure thing I’d like to see it. Pina was marvelous for the great part. Now I feel like I’m always tempering my take on movies but there were a few moments during this posthumous homage that my butt complained in the seat. But these were very fleeting moments, and the series […]


Headcold? Sinus infection? I’m not sure which, but it was bound to happen. And thus I scrambled through the boxes under the sink looking for something to ease the symptoms. I’m a stubborn man when it comes to taking synthetic medications that aren’t in the form of gummy bears. But sometimes you have to make […]