Milton’s new sign

St. Patricks Church

I expect this view across Hoffner Park in Northside will keep getting better with seasons and time.


I’m glad this style of graphic design fell out of fashion. The odd thing is, I can’t tell if this is retro, ironic, or something else entirely.

Sunset in the parking lot outside the burger joint

Combatting the effects of that overnight flight, but settling back in Ohio well enough. I’d complain about the cold weather, but sunsets like this quell such thinking a little.

Red-eye flight

Travel day: LAX > DTW > CVG Seems I’ve been through the Detroit Metro Airport before: Previously, in 2004. I do very much love the light tunnel connecting concourses, even when running madly to catch a connection. The rest of the day was spent wondering why I thought a red-eye flight was a good idea. […]

Not once was I stuck in a traffic jam

Last night we hit the food trucks and pictured above, the most delicious IncrediBalls burgers. (Ground Kobe beef, bacon, gruyere, arugula, garlic aioli and toasted brioche aka “bun”.) My first trip to Los Angeles was nested in that quick chunk between Christmas and New Years. In the place of touristy notions and vague expectations, I was introduced […]

Bits of Los Angeles

New Years Day, 2012

Homemade tamales by Nicole kicked off the new year proper. Strawberries were also served. This little one’s called Maya. Eagle Rock