Got new glasses

Soon I’ll complete my hipster look with mustache wax. For now, I’m enjoying eyeglass frames that don’t slip down my face all the time. A hat tip to Warby Parker for making the complicated dance of buying glasses not only painless, but actually fun.

The Art of Hair

Visited The Carnegie for the opening of “The Art of Hair.” (Above: “Ginger” by Kelli Gleiner) I have a thing for hair… (maybe because I’m losing mine). A time ago I drew a t-shirt of ladies hairstyles… (Buy one! They’re a bargain ’cause we printed too many). Missed the runway show at the exhibit, but […]

All in a day

The day started out catching mascots from around the area play broomball on Fountain Square. They’re always doing something down there. It’s nice like that. Then it was over the river to grab lunch in Kentucky. (Above, the Roebling Bridge) Back to Ohio and drove around The Banks on the river to see how the […]


Flyer for The Tempers in store performance at Everybody’s Records.

The snow kind of came

The day started out like a moody painting, but quiet and pretty like that can be. Tom was out of the studio with errands and upon his return he mentioned the snow was coming down. I’d been absorbed in the screen and hadn’t seen the gray-white blur obscuring the landscape out the window. I immediately […]

Roasted Potato Soup

Perfect for a rainy day indeed. I’d like to take credit for how good this soup looks (and tasted), but that’s all Take the Cake.


Where Hamilton Avenue turns into Ludlow.

Three things unrelated

I stepped into the farmhouse and Wendy was working next to this scene on the kitchen table. I’m sure she’s going to document the carnage, but I couldn’t resist. This fella’s name is Tiger. He lives in Dayton. And lastly these necklaces seemed wanting to be photographed. I’m reminded not to think too much about the […]