Another Zelda

I don’t consider myself a gamer, but denial goes out the window if a new Mario or Zelda game is released. I’m currently an embarrassing number of hours into Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Not a fan of motion controls usually, but they work very well here. If things get out of alignment, there’s an […]

Sung with great success…

Picked up this old sheet music at Duck Creek Antiques for the lettering. Every stroke is excellent. See for yourself: Zoom out to see all the details.  

Out and about

A continued tradition: brunch with ma and bro at Take the Cake. Twice now I’ve seen Andrew Neyer’s work outside of YES. Always a pleasure. There’s a playfulness there, but also? I think he’s using my favorite font ever: Univers. Another fine thing spotted down at MiCA: this flask.

Brick dust


Final Friday in Over the Rhine

Went with my mom to see the art opening for her friend Mark Sullivan down at Park+Vine (Details) I stocked up on goods for the pantry in case we ever get snow, and eyed the garden and bike supplies. Main St. by Andrew Neyer Strolled around Main Street in Over the Rhine for a while. […]

Misty morning afternoon evening

The precipitation hanging in the air of late is lending a eerie softness to the landscapes. (Millville) It’s like traveling to another place with these shifts in weather. (Northside) And it all comes back to home as I sit there at my desk in the studio and this face extends up over the balcony. It’s a […]

Some gray, some color

We’re having a string of gray, wet days here in Ohio. Here’s the same view from Devou Park in sunnier, blue sky-ier days if you’d like some contrast. Speaking of contrast, Tom made these salmon salads for lunch from leftovers and they were delicious. I can’t recall the last time (if ever) I’d had dandelion greens. Chunks […]


Hadn’t been to the cigar tasting at the Beer Sellar for a long, long time. Finally got back and now my coat smells like a humidor. I could find out when I was here last if I fill in those blank six months of 2011’s album. This gap of posting has been on my mind, but […]