Stoplight stories

This shot from a corner in Cleveland is for my friend Dicky from California who said he was tired of seeing the Convenient store. I’m so behind, but I’m vowing to get caught up one day.


Back in 2003 I got nostalgic when I spotted a Convenient Food Mart in St. Louis. We had one of these stores next to a Larosa’s pizzeria that served as a hub for post high school activities back in my hometown. The pizza joint since closed and the Convenient became an Ameristop. Visiting Cleveland in […]


On the side of Rosie’s

The day I took this photo, Maya posted about the very same mural. Our overlapping is starting to FREAK ME OUT.

From the stairwell

One of the quiet days, mostly spent tackling email.

Magazine Club, Inaugural

A few friends had this idea… Since book clubs are so hard, why not have a Magazine Club where everyone shares an article from a magazine and talks about it over food. The inaugural meeting was at Dusmesh Indian restaurant and it proved a fine backdrop for our unproven shenanigans. In addition to celebrating a birthday, […]

A memorable birthday cake

Kelley and Kim with their most excellent cake made by elé Cake Co in Dayton. Please take note of the cupcakes. There are


My sister swooped into town with her fella all the way from upstate NY. Went out to see her and say hi to my nephews and niece. I also lost miserably at Euchre. This was also the day I learned about the awesomeness that is Ubisoft’s Just Dance line of games. For everyone’s protection, no […]