Pride prep

Random shot walking around Columbus Ohio while folks prepare for the pride parade.

Neko and the frog

Ginger & Mom

Mom and Ginger relax poolside.

American Sign Museum print

Friends at a local store asked if I’d contribute art to a gallery opening and I didn’t know what to make. I thought it’d be fun to print out a photograph of the American Sign Museum on our t-shirt press. Tom did all the hard work. Really happy with how it turned out.

File under words I can’t spell: Adirondack

Took advantage of the super nice day to test out the new Adirondack chairs at the farm studio. The chickens were curious.


I remember going to a pride parade in San Francisco years ago and there was a “Beige is Beautiful” float. Naturally everyone was wearing beige. (Photo by Tom)

Weapons of Mass Creation 2011

The scene: Weapons of Mass Creation, Cleveland, Ohio – 2011. Jessi Arrington just gave an inspiring talk and distributed colorful wares for the audience to step outside for a color parade. Snagged this sticker from Mikey Burton. Not sure Draplin knew he was waving a Puerto Rican flag, but it looked very close to Ohio’s. […]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and area

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, iPhone, exterior The Trabant from a U2 show. I think that was the Zoo Station tour. I dunno. This is the hotdog Phish rode in on, during a New Years Eve show, I believe. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be interesting for folks that make […]