And this suitcase closes out May. June and July ended up being filled with lots more photos, a bit of travel, and a ton of work. I’ll fill in the gaps before 2012.


With event filled days that have dozens upon dozens of photos, a few snapshots of the lush hills taken while driving are a nice respite.

Arranging of the arrangement

Another arrangement from my mom’s garden. (Here she is adjusting it for the blurry photo.) This time at her place after celebrating her birthday with my brother and aunt.

Taste of Cincinnati 2011

I’m the guy that goes to the Taste of Cincinnati and takes exactly zero photos of food. It was sweltering that day, and packed as I’ll get out. Went in, got some Montgomery Inn barbecue and went to find shelter in some AC. My only gripe is that everything’s a meal and would benefit from […]

Things I find at my mom’s house

Mom’s birthday on this day. Went to her house while she was at work to scavenge for things I could use to photograph for a birthday card. Found this key but didn’t end up using it.

Mike Perry’s Pulled at Yes

(Partial) Above Left: Jim Stoten “My Best Friend”  / Right: Andrew Holder “Early Bird” I’m decidedly smitten with everything that lands at YES in Cincinnati, the part gallery, part workspace in Over the Rhine. Through the end of May and all of July they featured works from the new book by Mike Perry. The book is Pulled: A Catalog of […]

The Yummy Bus

Practice what you preach: having a push pop on the Yummy Bus.

A lot of tanks

Very related photo : HMMWVs from last May.