This one doesn’t really work well “in bed”

Fortune cookies, like buffet food, are such a crapshoot. At some point I either started realizing fortunes were usually just statements, or perhaps quality has slipped over the years. I can’t say which, I just notice it now. Tangent: Not sure I’ve mentioned that I have this weird thing where I must eat the entire […]

Dixie Chili and then some

First time at Dixie Chili in Newport. Their style of Cincinnati chili has a bit more spice than other local joints (Not heat, more like cinnamon.) Quite liked it. No idea what Bulldog Gravy is, but it’s on my list.

Fergie really likes this bolster

Went up to Columbus to catch Scream 4 with the fellas. I think I was the least impressed. My mini-review: “Ham-fisted corn syrup.” Went back to Joel’s afterward armed with sacks of White Castles and settled in for videogames, watching his roommates dog hump this bolster between rounds of Mortal Kombat.

Couch testing procedure

Jim (seated right) might have in St. Louis: the Arch, the Budweiser Clydesdales, toasted ravioli, and slingers… But we have IKEA here in Cincinnati. And that means inexpensive furniture and meatballs.

Joel brings Jim in town

And though it was a tiny bit chilly, it was sunny enough to sit out on our friends deck and have a brew.

A little Mario time


A trip to the fabric store before work, and a song about cats in the evening.

Ride the pig horse

This day did not start with coffee, but halfway to work I decided to pull into the grocery to get a cup. Maybe grab something for breakfast. Wasn’t the best of ideas, as there wasn’t really anything that looked appealing. I bought a box of Captain Crunch because I had shopper’s guilt and I also […]