Matt W. Moore mural

Friday, April 29, 2011

Super digging this mural by Matt W. Moore for YES in Cincinnati.

So many times it seems public art is burdened by message or folksiness (not bad things always).
It’s nice to see something that’s just beautiful. (Look for it on Clay St.)

I’m so slow the exhibition is long gone, but there are still remnants and prints from Moore available.

SIDENOTE: I just finally made it through the doors of the YES (Gallery? Artspace?) last week to catch the start
of the Mike Perry “Pulled” exhibition/book release, and OhMyGosh the pieces of screenprinting work are phenomenal.
If you’ve any fascination of how ink hits paper, go see this. It’s exemplary.

Back to Matt’s mural, here’s a video from YES showing the process of transforming the wall in the alley: