Over the Rhine picnic

Matt W. Moore mural

Super digging this mural by Matt W. Moore for YES in Cincinnati. So many times it seems public art is burdened by message or folksiness (not bad things always). It’s nice to see something that’s just beautiful. (Look for it on Clay St.) I’m so slow the exhibition is long gone, but there are still […]

The Brass Mule

“Wanna see some improv tonight?” my friend Heather Brown asked. Why not? So we went down to Mokka in Newport to catch the group called Incredulity. Good fun. As for this snapshot of The Brass Mule Lounge (aka The Brass Ass) in Newport? We walked by and the lights gave me pause. Maybe we’ll pop in there […]

The price of gas

Far from good, this photo meant something in the context of days… See, during my presentation, I talked about why I started taking photos each day. I was at the gas pump on April 1, 2003, thinking about some weird tick I have; one where I like the numbers of my sale to NOT MATCH. […]

That talk thing

Back in March I mentioned I’d be giving my first talk up in Dayton. That bar graph above is one slide from a deck of seventy. I won’t lie, getting a coherent story together nearly gave me a heart attack. It wasn’t until the last 36 hours that it made sense. In a nutshell, I talked […]

Used pillows next to the dumpster

I get it, you’re moving or trying to just pare down. Instead of tossing this stuff into the dumpster you artfully arrange it around the dumpster. I’m totally with you. Certainly someone will want the board games. They weren’t cheap ones. You could rub a Bounce sheet on that scarf and give it to an […]

Left Chicago early that day

The thing about the internet is that you don’t really need to schedule time on your trip to hit up The Magnificent Mile when you’re in Chicago anymore. We have Crate & Barrel in our suburbs and UPS at our doorstep. I’m remiss that we didn’t hit up Wishbone for breakfast because if America runs […]

Almost forgot Easter

So before we hit the road for Chicago, I stopped in Tom and Wendy’s house. The girls had taken Easter into their own hands, with beautiful results. Really, check out Wendy’s photos.