cluck cluck

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring chicks will be arriving soon at the farm, so expect more of these feathered critters
to crop up in addition to the usual plethora of cats and dogs ’round here.

I had to look up if chickens said “bock bock” or “cluck cluck” and stumbled again on
this list of pronunciations from other parts of the globe:

Dutch: tok tok
English: cluck cluck
Finnish: kot-kot
French: cotcotcodet
German: tock tock
Greek: ko ko ko / ka ka ka
Hebrew: chuck-chuck
Hungarian: kot kot
Italian: coccodé
Japanese: ku-ku-ku-ku / ko-ko-ko-ko
Russian: ko-ko-ko
Spanish: caca-racá / cocorocó
Swedish: ock-ock
Turkish: gut gut gdak

Derek Abbott has collected a bunch of different animal sounds
from various countries on his Animal Noise Page.

Additionally, if you have Flash installed, you can hear
kids from around the world pronouncing animal sounds at bzzzzpeek.


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