Experimenting with jewelry

Walked into the studio and Tom was laying out all this jewelry on the table. It’s an exploration for a project he’s been working on. I asked if it was cool to make a photo and  share online. He said sure. Looks a bit Dorling Kindersley-ish in this manifestation, but he pushed it in different directions since.

Discarded chew toy

And another view of sunset through the screen. A little exhausted from all the rain of late.

Walked out of a movie

Went to see a documentary about William S. Burroughs. I’m sure the heart of the filmmaker was in the right place, but it was frustrating and arduous to sit through. We walked out. The night wasn’t a wash as we tried out a Vietnamese joint for dinner. It was tasty.


Tom’s middle child is obsessed with Mario and it’s awesome to have a cohort that enjoys platforming with the plumber as much as I do. Though he’s only 6, I have a feeling this kid is going to quickly surpass my gaming abilities. Which is cool, because then he can help me through the hard […]

The Big Mac Bridge, again

I suppose I’m obsessed with The Daniel Carter Beard Bridge (aka Big Mac Bridge), given how many times I grab a snapshot of it. (Previously March 2009,  November 2009). Spent the evening on the Newport side of the river and the rest of the day was a bunch of blurry shots. Which is a shame, because […]

There is a plant called Dusty Miller

I’m not sure how to process this moniker. I might prefer Centaurea cineraria to be honest. But I guess Dusty Miller rolls off the tongue better.

Painted red

Brutus keeps staring at me

A few photos from the NCAA Tennessee vs. OSU women’s basketball tournament game in Dayton. The Lady Volunteers won this particular game, making these fans happy. But I should mention since my delay in posting, Texas A&M took home the title or whatever it is they call these things in the world of basketball.