The sign in my barber’s window

I needed a haircut since I was going on a quick trip to New York, and my barber needed a new sign in the window. ( Rollover for original ) I used a variation of Letterhead Font’s Sarah Script for the logotype. Futura for the body, and that little “Call!” is actually a touch from […]

Oscars® Ballot / Rocco

I failed pretty miserably at voting on my ballot, but not as bad as James Franco did co-hosting the show. Bless his heart. Best thing I heard on the matter? James Franco, don’t quit your 999 other day jobs. – @ditzkoff My brother and his partner’s new pup, Rocco.

Old Saint Mary’s / Taking the kids to see a movie

Lego store

Commercial vehicle

The changing of the seasonal aisle

Some days, I’m confused by the photos on my camera’s memory card

And these were the photos I pulled off from February 22. There is no intended relationship between the images.

A rainy President’s Day