Mic’d stairway

Acoustics in unlikely places.

Crystal Memories

Above? Some sort of Moog Synthesizer. I’ve pronounced this brand of device wrong all these years, only to find out it really doesn’t matter, kind of… Video: How to pronounce Moog. Our quartet assembled in a basement and recorded improvisational songs. Someone threw out a name for the band, “Crystal Memories.” Though it didn’t really […]

Somewhat of a tradition

I’ve been really enjoying having structure to the weeks of late. Cigars on Tuesday. Beers on Wednesday. And sometimes? Brunch on Sundays. It’s a great way to close out the week and catch up with my brother and mom.

Blast canyon

I always feel a certain grandeur on this stretch of road in Independence, Kentucky. Sure it was excavated and likely blasted with dynamite to come into being, but it’s still lovely.

A moment, a mural

What I like most about the new camera? Having it in my pocket at pretty much all times. Now is this photo of a helicopter the most amazing capture of all time? Not one bit. But I’m working out the kinks in my quick draw. Practice! In other snapshottery of the day, I stopped in […]

Mike & Kelley

Caught these two playing some music at the MOTR pub in Over the Rhine.

Over the Tavern

Caught the first show of my memory (I may have gone as a child) at Cincinnati’s Playhouse in the Park. It was a coming of age Catholic story called Over the Tavern. Some impressive child acting and good laughs made for nice experience. Also excellent: having a night out with my mom,

A trip to Richmond

Took a long lunch at the studio and drove across the border into Richmond, Indiana to eat at Ghyslain. This place is part chocolatier and fine restaurant. They had me at the bread that came out before the meal. Super crusty baguette with butter that could be supplemented with black Hawaiian or pink Himalayan salt. My quiche […]