The last day of 2010

There was Pictionary. And even more Pictionary. I’d just like to take this opportunity to whine that I never got to draw. Gabe cuts into roast beef while the winter vegetables hang out in the background. We played an old game of Charades from 1968. It had gems like: “A man says what he knows, a […]


Tom’s been wanting drums for 10 years or so. In fact, the studio was supposed to house such musical instruments originally, but the press took over. But this year he’s been taking lessons and it was time to make them materialize. So for Christmas he got this sweet vintage Ludwig set with a natural finish. […]

Mr. Tarbell Tips His Hat

An Artworks mural for a longtime advocate of the Queen City, Jim Tarbell.

I need to work on my tour guide skills

My friend Kevin swept through town after he visited his family up north for the holidays. Here he is taking a picture of his food with a mobile phone. When folks come in town, I visit favorite vistas and haunts, but I never back anything up with historical facts or details. I need to work on that. File under foods […]

I really liked ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’

As a birthday gift my brother took me to see I Love You Phillip Morris. Snapped this grainy mobile photo of the backlit poster on the way in, not knowing: A. That it was based on a true story. B. That I’d really really like it. Jim Carrey’s intense hamming doesn’t muck up the excellent […]


I’m extremely lucky that I’ve the week off between Christmas and New Years. Often this time is filled meeting up with friends that might be in town for the holiday, taking down decorations, catching movies at the theater, or simply doing things I want to do. In this case, I finally caught up with “favorite” […]

Christmas Day at my mom’s

Not the best representation of a fine Christmas afternoon. Potluck dinner at my mom’s house reminded me that we need more potluck meals in life. The brie wheel above is from Costco and I highly recommend it. And though we didn’t see a movie (a recent tradition), we did enjoy every moment of the day.

Christmas Eve morning at the Museum Center

What’s becoming a tradition: A trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center on Christmas Eve day