Tearing out November

Ooooooooookay. So December is here. I think I’ll go on record and say 2010 has been pretty daggone good.

Medical head

Textured Vegetable Protein Chili

I’m not sure why it has taken me almost 40 years to add more recipes to my very short list of: Vegetable beef stew, cole slaw, deviled eggs, and grilled cheese. I think I can now firmly plant vegetarian chili on that menu. Don’t ask for the recipe. I just threw in a bunch of […]

Christmas tree

The day started taking all of 3 minutes to pick out a tree. And ended with it all put up and stuff. Actually it ended like this, at about a quarter to two according to the clock.

Holding chickens

I guess it was January when Zan (pictured above) crossed my virtual path. (Thanks Merlin) That connection turned into hearty admiration for her words and photos. And that turned into the discovery that she was from Oxford and knew Wendy’s mom from a summer program way back when. So when she was in town for […]

Macaroni & Cheese

My roommate Eric made this macaroni and cheese for his Thanksgiving dinner. I not only got a taste before it went in the oven, but he brought back remaining leftovers.

Thanksgiving proper

That is to say, Thanksgiving on the day of Thanksgiving. But it was proper too, with a turkey and fixins including some very tasty sweet potatoes.

Wet road

Exactly one photo for the day. And it was much neater in real life. Or maybe the illusion played out better farther away. Anyway, it looked like the road disappeared into the sky. Some poetic quality to this phenomenon.