Donut seeds

Spent Halloween with fine spirits, a beautiful fire and warm conversation. And there were these donut seeds.

A bit of a hike

Buckeyes. (Not the kind that stagger around in scarlet and gray from a tailgating party.) Pacific Madrone (also know as the Bearberry) Need to get me some o’ these Muck Boots next time I head out west. (I’d like to mention I get no kick back for brand dropping, but I’m a size 12.)

A smart looking coat

(It was that title or “Moss covered tree”)

Rain gauge

I left my toothbrush out all night and day. Looks like it rained about 9 inches on the AOL scale.

Misty mountain

The light from the dome in a yurt

A long exposure

I suppose the title of this entry is completely useless if I decide to do more night photography with a tripod. Still, I kept staring up this hill and marveling as my eyes adjusted and the landscape emerged. (Okay, I’ll admit it, I was peeing. Not during this actual moment, but when I realized it […]

And overnight, the moss comes back to life