Calypso Cabaret

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First on tap in Bangkok? A Ladyboy Cabaret (a song and dance show with transgender men).

We caught the tourist friendly version at Calypso with no expectations and were thoroughly entertained,
dazzled really.

What is this all about? Let me have others explain:

“Thailand’s katoeys (“Ladyboys”) are some of the most beautiful – and convincing – transvestites in the world,
mostly accepted and embraced by a highly tolerant Thai society. Some families even believe that katoeys bring
good luck to them, an enlightened attitude that was boosted by several Thai movies in the past two decades
dedicated to katoey themes.” –
Asiaweb on Bangkok’s Ladyboy Cabarets

So yes, it was pretty darn mesmerizing.

Now I projected some sadness on to the scene: the politic of who gets featured in numbers, what happens
when the show is over and the lights go down… but those were fleeting thoughts. For the most part it was
all about enjoyment and the show and these men who look like beautiful ladies put on one helluva good one.


Oh, and before the show we had dinner with an Elvis impersonator providing the soundtrack to the meal: