Kitty mischief

After wielding the big camera for a good piece, I was happy to be home and just use the phone camera while getting caught up with everyone. Had dinner with my mom this night. Her kitty Shadow is now a full grown cat I suppose. He’s still cute. (Previously: Shadow as kitten)

The view from Devou

I’ve taken this shot before, but I figured I’d take another with the new building joining the skyline. In other news on this day, I got a much needed haircut.

Sunset in Cincinnati

Well, technically in Newport, Kentucky. The Reds won the division title this night, but I was in bed by the time that happened.

The long, long planerides home

Prepare for pictures of varying quality from my phone after I battled moving across a dozen timezones in really tight quarters, only to land in Ohio for a few days before starting another travel stint. More on that soon, until then, here’s a breakfast from Korean Airlines.

The end of this Asia adventure

Ronald McDonald offering a standard Thai greeting called the wai. I grew to really appreciate this gesture that can mean hello, goodbye, apologies and thank you. It has an elegance of motion and intent. By the end of the trip I was trying my best to incorporate this motion in appropriate transactions. Speaking of adventure, […]

The dogs by the Bridge on the River Kwai

Kawaii! The River Kwai The Bridge on the River Kwai I just wanted to document that I indeed had some Pad Thai while in Thailand. Thing is, in most of the tourist friendly places it tasted pretty much like what you’d expect in the states, but instead of ordering a spice level, you’re provided peppers, […]

The other part of the day

This was one of those marathon days. There was the Grand Palace and Reclining Buddha in the morning, and then a half hour of Thai style massage, which is essentially a brutal non-sexual broach of personal space without oils and oddly enjoyable. We were getting grouchy from the heat at this point (you can see […]

Grand Palace: Thailand

Yaksha stand guard at the entrances inside the Grand Palace of Thailand—the residence of the king. (But it is not the residence of the king right now, as he’s in hospital because he had too much sex and needed an operation, oh, needs protection because the red shirts want to kill him. Or something like that… […]