The end of the arrangement

Goodman by Crum

Caught this portrait of John Goodman by Adam Crum on the south side of campus.


Did you know Ohio is chart topping? We have three cities in the top 10 of bed bug infestations. And of course, this is the only thing I can think of when stepping foot in a hotel these days. Luckily this joint was fine, but still, it’s hard to shake those thoughts.

Finally with the clippers

I’m gearing up for some travel so I told my barber Tina to “Cut it short.” She paused, sighed, and then selected the clippers. Tina has never used clippers on my hair—maybe to shape an edge, but never for cutting. At least not in the 14 years I’ve been sitting in her chair. She did her business […]

Haters Gonna Hate

I’ve loved the following Haters Gonna Hate animation for some time: So when I learned there was a print available, I was all sorts of giddy. Turns out, it’s the product of Omar Noory and he’s a fellow Ohio resident. He and Jen Adrion make other neato stuff, including some fine world maps. Their online […]

Perfect day to get work done

Leaf stuck on a window

Tom’s 7th grade school photo + mousse

I stole this photo of Tom off Wendy’s desk. Luckily he doesn’t blog so I don’t have to worry about him retaliating with my photo from middle school when I had that body wave.