A toy prop used when Jinky was out at the studio.

Sunset on Liberty

Snapped this while my stomach was happily full from a three course meal at Nicola’s with friends.

Eggs, over medium

If this man ever offers you a taco, take it immediately

A hat tip to Nick and Amy for inviting me up!

Kitties amok

In South Park up in Dayton. They’re EVERYWHERE!

Keeping the AC off

I’m steeling myself, getting ready for a trip to Southeast Asia. To get in the mindset, I’ve been leaving the AC off in the apartment and learning to appreciate the unfiltered heat.

One fantastic birthday cake, plus an awesome fire and then some

My friend Chris celebrated his birthday with friends, family, tasty vittles, a delicious chocolate cake, a big ass fire, a cigar, and the whole lot of  us running around to the front of the house to catch the International Space Station zip across the sky. I’m making a new category called, “Good times.”

Things of Tom’s

A couple photos from the phone because some days, well, I’m lazy like that. These are things of Tom’s… a book – and a painting by Jim Houser. Man I dig his work. My snapshot does disservice.