Enjoying Pennsylvania

The wind farm above Cranberry Glade Lake. (Avoiding poison) Putting pennies on the railroad track. Visited a graveyard where they filmed a scene from Night of the Living Dead. Things not pictured: a nice long kayaking adventure, shooting a .38, tearing through the woods in a four wheeler, and a whole host of the some […]


You sadly can’t take photos inside Fallingwater, but I totally understand why. Lots of people tour through this home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann family, so it would cause quite a hold-up if there were any amount of shutterbugs. Now I had been to Taliesin West back when I was out in […]

Eating like a monkey

I love this photo just exactly as it came out on my mobile phone. Chad’s nephew is demonstrating his peculiar method of eating Sun Chips. Also from the day: a quick trip to Ohiopyle, which is fun to say out loud all quicklike.

On the road again

Motivational billboard off I-71 North. Rolling into Wheeling, West Virginia. Marsh Wheeling Stogies. Closed factory AVAILABLE 88,000 sq.ft. Will subdivide. (304) 233-3369

Looking out across the warehouses and rail yard

Winding down the weekend.

Electric tree and canned meat product

Electric palm down at the Riverside Marina in Dayton, Kentucky. Stopped by this mini-mart on the way home and was drawn to all the canned meat product. Also bought a can of Four Loko which is some whacked out energy drink with alcohol. I’ve heard stories of it and I have yet to have the gumption […]

Technology that yields

You’d think with my love of technology, I’d like it cropping up in corn. I don’t think this Pioneer stuff is genetically modified modified though—they largely deal in hybrid seed. (Which I like in my apples.) Took me a good long chunk of reading online to figure at least this much out. (And this is […]

The return home

My friends put a Mud Flap Bubba on their car and with it kissed by the morning dew, I had to take a shot. With the humid morning fogging up the lens again it made the whole thing a bit dreamy. (This is one of the rare times when I didn’t fiddle with any part […]