Making “music”

Our style for the night was “gutter punk.” I rocked a Kentucky waterfall:

Great American Tower

Cincinnati’s newest (and tallest) building is going up.

A walk in the woods

Wieners are hilarious

Studiomate Tom has a most unique sense of humor. His first letterpress print can attest to this.

Pine Club

To celebrate a friend picking out a color for the siding of their house, we had an early dinner at the Pine Club. This place oozes classic… everything. This is where Sinatra would have (and probably did) eat when passing through Dayton.

A little Facetime

My first Facetime chat was with Reid and Richard way over on the other side of the continent. Worked flawlessly and I’m still a bit amazed by the technology, even though our laptops and home computers already do this very thing. It’s just extra neat when you’re “untethered.” (ish) They got to see Otto basking […]

A very hot summer

This umbrella is a good idea on days like this. Dang it’s been hot out.

Ice cream and a pirate