Memorial Day

Spent Memorial Day around a pool with friends, raising our cups to those who served. Sure it wasn’t a parade, but it seemed pretty darn American with all that Miller Lite. I’m probably starting to look like a lush.

There was ice cream to be had

After the whirlwind trip to Brooklyn, I took it easy with the camera when I got back home. This snapshot is from my phone as I stood in line at Putz’s Creamy Whip with my mom. Man that place is good.

Burgers, beards, beer

Got to the Shake Shack early and was a bit awestruck by these purple flowers. The burger? It was very tasty. My only complaint is that it was too small! Fret not, tis art: Event Horizon After burgers? A meander around the city and up to The Highline. Then it was time to find a […]

Beer Friday

RGB, CMYK tattoos. (Left: Russ Maschmeyer, Right: Jessica Hische) Pinky sits obediently. “Mobile Homes” John Ford rocks this shirt better than I do. (I’d also like to mention, this is my favorite shirt at the moment) These Brooklyn fellas have good taste in beer. Because this dog is so adorable, she gets two photos. After […]

I ate this sandwich

It was good.

Swissmiss turns 5

I took very few photos this evening, but there was no need as Swissmiss had an excellent photobooth on site to celebrate her blog’s fifth birthday. View some choice photos on her site – or – see the whole lot of ’em! The photos do an excellent job of capturing the blast that it was.

The day ended with Canasta


Er, well, that’s Manhattan, as seen from Brooklyn. (Thanks Emil, for the clarification!)