Playing with Photoshop on a Friday night

I spent Friday night playing with the new Photoshop CS5 because the trial was released that afternoon and this application is the place where I spend the most time. I love Photoshop, even though I wish the interface would evolve more. In fact, I wrote about this very topic four years ago and I’m surprised […]


buckled up

Caught sight of this belt buckle last Wednesday at the 701 in Covington, but didn’t have my camera handy. Asked Bob if he’d be back this week so I could take a snapshot. He followed through and so did I. Word is, this buckle was worn by one of the Elvis impersonators in the movie […]


I nibbled on this watermelon while taking a stroll out in the fields with a very talkative seven year old who reminded me of all the good parts about growing up in the country.

Joan Jett

There’s a story behind this hand-painted promo out in the pole barn at the studio. I need to pester Tom to share all the details. In other news, we went and caught The Runaways flick earlier in the week. Though the story had less drama than a VH1 special, it was still an enjoyable movie, […]

steak burger

Busy at work of late, so I’m not wielding the camera too much. Been driving by this BBQ set-up in Northside on the way home and I’ve been diggin the handmade type and drawings on the wall. The light seemed right this evening to turn around and take a snapshot.

Pug pups

Went and visited with my niece, nephew, his wife, my sister and her fella on Sunday. Mark and Heather have been putting together a fine home out on the east side of town. Been too long since I saw ’em. Enjoyed the afternoon catching up and marveling at the moments. I’ve made mental additions to […]


GLSEN Prom down at the Contemporary Arts Center. Started the rainy evening out with dinner. I did my best wallflower imitation while these two danced a bit. And closed out the night rockin’ Scrabble. Good times. Oh, and here’s me and my beard!