Around town

Stopped by the CAC to check out the latest exhibits. I met artist Cedric Michael Cox recently and immediately enjoyed his charisma. His work is also up at the CAC and a detail from his installation appears above. I’m doing a disservice to the entire composition and scale of the piece, but you can get […]

Open That Bottle Night 2010

The word of this day was ineffable.

Why did I wait so long to try Riverside Korean Restaurant?

Riverside Korean Restaurant –Ā Covington, KY “You must eat here!” my friend Kate said, over and over. Finally I heed her advice YEARS later… And who do I run into by chance while happily playing ambassador to a visiting friend? But Kate and her husband. Sometimes the world is crazy awesome like that. Anyway, they were […]


Prom dresses and almost coordinated pumps

Big ass table

I really should be posting these images on our studio blog. Mental note made.

Pipe drawing

Some things work better on paper. Like this pipe drawing for instance. Once I translated it to vector points and lines on the computer, it fell flat. The process was fun though.

Tom is handy

He’s cutting wood to put into some frames for a shelving system.

Attract good fortune with lucky cat

Rang in the Chinese New Year with style. Bonus kitty from later in the evening: