New Year’s Eve

An unexpected dinner at Honey in Northside was delicious. I dropped off my friend at a tavern where she rang in the new year, and got her winter coat stolen. Dagnabbit. I rang in 2010 watching CNN at home and watching the ball drop with some New Belgium brew. Reflecting on the year that was, […]

Ray, doing his Galifianakis impression, I think

One of the many awesome parts of the holiday season? Seeing friends.

a rescued branch

I was picking up mail and this twig was just laying there on the top step of my apartment building. Something moved inside me and I felt the need to rescue it. Weird, I know. It’s got a break and part of it dangles by a thin strip of bark. Now it has a home […]

Car swap

I got my VW Rabbit back, and they patched her up real good! My friend “The Brown” took me to pick my ride up at the collision center and we dropped off her rental car on the way. See, her brakes are soft so she rented this discontinued Pontiac to visit her family for the […]

Hide and seek

Friends were in town for the holidays. So it was a good time to get together. Friends from way back… 1977… 1984… Most everyone has kids now. And man it’s a kick to see their little ones running around. Tiny variations from the folks I grew up with. And while the young ones took over […]

a glow on the horizon

…with a little bit of reflection.

Christmas Day

Dear Album that I update much delayed, Yes, I made a photo every day in 2009… I just haven’t gotten to posting them. I’m on it! This one? I got up early on Christmas Day because I didn’t like the horizontal image I had selected as a framed gift for my mom. And though this […]

A Christmas Eve trip to the museum center

Got up on Christmas Eve day and met up with Tom & Wendy and their family at the Museum Center to see the trains and decorations. Turned out to be a fantastic time, with one adult per kid so we could venture in any direction. Sadly I was not under 50″ tall or I would have […]