leaves on lamp

Some days I don’t really leave my house. I relish when the sun creeps in across the living room.

Chad, model citizen.

We take the little pieces we can, and try to make sense of them

Jim’s father passed away in December of last year. The months since have been filled with the monumental task of sorting through his house. His things. And though the home he left was radically organized by the time I got there, I could see the remnants of the maze. The decisions that retained what was […]

rolling out the dough

I left the dishes in the sink and hit the road while news reports suggested the rest of America should be shopping. Arrived in St. Louis early enough to see preparations for the first “Sloppy Seconds” party. (Where everyone brings their leftovers to form a smorgasbord of  tasty calories.) Kevin’s preparing extra goodies in the […]

the Thanksgiving that was

It was a little off-the-cuff. If you weren’t doing anything for Thanksgiving, the door was open—feel free to bring a friend and a dish. Nine gathered. The meal was plentiful and excellent. And though I found some deficits in kitchen supplies, everything came together remarkably well. (Except for those card tables I pushed together only […]

something enjoyable

Tom, Wendy and I started Wire & Twine about, oh, 3 years ago. Since then we’ve done a ton of stuff, but most folks just know us for the t-shirts. Which is cool. We like t-shirts. But our idea about the company was about bringing people together, trying new things, making stuff that was exciting […]

It’s been foggy around here

no more training wheels

Don’t ask me about the pipe cleaners on her helmet. It might have something to do with aerodynamics.