Blue Jay Restaurant

Northside, Cincinnati. I’d say go just to check out the wood paneling, but the food’s pretty solid too.

abandoned shopping cart


Kitsune Noir did a guest spot picking out solid finds on Etsy. Among the goods, these hanging delights from Mobilosity. I thought one would be the perfect thing to spice up a corner, and it is.

the horrible type of Liberty Way

That type is made out of metal I do believe, meaning, I think it’s actually permanent. I have to brush up on my typography terms to point out every bit of awfulness here. (If you’re wondering, this is a new overpass on I-75 up in West Chester, Ohio)


living room, dining room, kitchen and office

My new home, all rolled up into one.

haunted hayride

Went down into the hills of Kentucky to the Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride. Perfect atmosphere and set-up. As the tractor pulls a wagon full of folks through the fields, it stops at scenes along the way. In between you never know quite what to expect, and that’s the whole point. Everyone in our party got a […]

15 minutes

I got an unexpected package in the mail from my friend Thor, among the goodies, these fabric cucumber eye things soaked in some soothing concoction. The package said to place them on your eyes for 15 minutes. I’m not good with meditation or even being still without having a screen in front of me. So I […]