Halloween in Brooklyn

Halloween in Brooklyn was a spirited affair. (Not that this image would suggest anything of that order, but I’m saving up all the others for a big curatorial session.)

Creative Morning: Zachary Lieberman

Zachary Lieberman (right) gives a talk at a Creative Morning at the SVA in Manhattan. I’ve so much to say about his inspiring slice of time, I could go on and on and on. And I will! But I refuse to let this album get bogged down with my slow, long-form posting. These are snapshots. […]

The Manhattan Bridge

The Long Count

Man I can’t stop replaying this performance in my head.


Might as well capture these vibrant colors while possible, before everything takes on the tone of professors in corduroy. In other news, thanks to Shake It Records, I learned of The Swell Season. (Who, if you saw the movie Once, you’ll know as Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova) Anyway, they have a new album out this week and […]

It’s alive!

When we have a weblog for the studio (and we will, soon, have one of those fancy things) – this image will go in it. For October 26, 2009 marked a glorious day… A day when all Tom’s soldering and wires and other electronic bits finally came together and a homemade amp was born. The […]

it gets me every time

The colors of autumn. I just wished it stuck around for like, two months. So. Dang. Glorious.

“No more pictures” she said.

And I obliged, putting down the camera and getting back to the good stuff: Playing games, making dinosaurs, drawing valentines and eating cookies.