transfer type

lunchbag puppet

My friends had a birthday party for their youngest yesterday. A bit of a miracle that one year old. I like these friends and don’t see them enough. Their house is filled with life. Right out in their front yard is a vegetable garden. On the day I visited, the back was filled with families […]

Major Tire

Now this, this is how they made signs in the good ol’ days.

fallen inflatable dinosaur

I so vacillate… Streams of photos without context seem wanting, and over-sharing is tiresome – especially when there is no real story. As was the case this weekend when I went to the hardware store to buy caulk for the tub and pulled into a parking lot to capture this fallen inflatable dinosaur. The caulk […]


This newspaper stand is rusted and distressed. Once popular, and shiny, and new, and powerful in some fashion, and very likely, not going to be replaced.

No counter intelligence

I think the new Walmart branding is a formidable step up from the old ALL CAPS with hyphen and star, but this implementation on a new supercenter they just opened down the street, is a bit sad. Then again, maybe it is perfect. They cut corners on fabrication by not punching out the counters in […]

truck reflections

I suppose what maybe makes this photo kinda interesting, is that I made it with a mobile phone.

apothecary labels

Stuck a few goodies on the shelves above my desk for inspiration.