I’m told we’re going to regret the mint

Unless we plant it in a pot and contain the spreading.

party animal

local color

Went and bought a handful of herbs this weekend (cross your fingers they take). Couldn’t help but stare in wonder of all the colorful flowers at the nursery.


kitty v. dog

Good thing the sliding glass door was there. Caught this shot on an evening of poker. Lost five bucks but it was more entertaining than most movies at twice the cost.


Because firing up the french press everyday is such a bother. But the reality is, instant coffee makes me feel European-fancy and I like it.

one, singular sensation

Dan crosses the street before a gig with A Chorus Line.

if the shoe doesn’t fit…

Rain couldn’t hamper a Memorial Day get-together with my mom, brother and friends. Luckily nothing from the potluck required a grill.