out with the new

I kinda liked the simplicity.


Car washes are like haircuts in that feel good way. Unless something horribly goes wrong and your bangs are crooked, or your ride gets scratched. But for the most part,  feel good.

pencil holder


A few times a year, I pull an all-nighter. I like doing this for some strange reason. A combination of a goal and adrenaline. After 2.5 hours of sleep and a healthy set of concepts delivered, I operated heavy machinery to get something to eat, some caffeine. Passed this character on the way home.

productivity tools

Some items I like to have on hand when I’m making stuff: A good pen, portable paper (loving the butcher orange Field Notes), and if I need icon inspiraton, the Handbook of Pictorial Symbols


I’ve passed this Elder Beerman in Hamilton Ohio more times than I can count. I’ve even remarked about the old logo that adorns the building. It was never busy when I drove by, and now it appears to soon be a relic. This is sad, but things are so much different now. I’d love for […]

Brobee in the magic hour

I stayed for dinner with Tom and Wendy and their three kids. Even though they’re out-numbered, they still manage to function. I am amazed.