September 20, 2023 – Here I am closing a mid-morning ring by watering houseplants.

My left arm is sore from a vaccination.

Summer is starting to wind down and has been both chock full and mellow. There were a few roadtrips, oodles of concerts (many unplanned) and hang time with friends and family.

I’m looking forward to autumn but would also like this seasonal transition to move in slow motion.


Working from home remotely in Cincinnati with friends for a few tech companies. Lots of what we’re developing is for future products so flies under the radar. We’re also developing and maintaining a few websites for local arts organizations.

Starting to wonder about what’s next… be it a new studio space or carving out time to experiment with ideas un-tethered.

Considering the next big house project with my partner and navigating life with a cat that mostly stays focused on treat delivery.

Other things swirling around:

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