November 20, 2023 – Here I am wandering aimlessly in a West Elm. I didn’t need anything and walked out the door empty handed. Just went for a walk and it was chilly — I’d pop inside stores and just look at things.

Though smiling in the photo and determined to keep doing so, I’m still grieving the unexpected loss of my sister. Everything is filtered through a lens of impermanence and desire for deeper meaning.

I am missing her terribly.


Working from home remotely in Cincinnati with friends for a few tech companies and starting to wonder about what’s next… be it a new studio space or carving out time to experiment with ideas un-tethered.

Considering the next big house project with my partner and navigating life with an aging cat that mostly stays focused on treat delivery.

I’m in dire need of some sort of active regimen to counteract desk work.


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Previously September 20, 2023