Finally got a haircut and left the house, spending the last 3 days at a conference in Brooklyn that reminded me:

  1. There are wonderful people doing beautiful things.
  2. Hugs in real life are the best.
  3. I can easily get overwhelmed these days. I need to work on that.

Got one more day left here before heading home. It’s going to take some time to process and collect my thoughts on all the notions and images swirling around the trip.


Bought a new old house in Cincinnati, Ohio after a lifetime of renting. My boyfriend, cat Edie and I have now seen all the seasons in the abode, upgraded the electrical box, cleaned the gutters, vacuumed the ducts, mowed the grass and got a new roof.

Trying to ween myself off ad-supported social media and enjoying time on Mastodon. I’m excited by the idea of ActivityPub powering a new generation of disparate stuff we can string together. Like RSS, but easier I guess?

Other things swirling around:

This is a now page, and if you’ve your own site, you could make one too. 

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