I’m 51 years old and working from my home in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I need a haircut.
I have this slight welt under my eye when I wake up of late.
It usually goes away by the afternoon.

Super annoying.

Last night:

  • Installed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and got through all the setup and cut scenes and played to the first save point. It feels like an Uncharted game in the Star Wars universe.
  • Watched S1 E9 of Poker FaceEscape from Shit Mountain (Peacock) over a dinner of Beyond Burgers. The show scratches a nostalgia itch.


  • Spend most of my time in Adobe Illustrator updating a set of product icons for a fintech company
  • Hopped over to Figma to lay out concepts for a home page for a telecom services company
  • Collect bits of design work done for WOXY, an awesome streaming radio station that is no more but gearing up for a show over Memorial Day
  • Maybe work up some concepts to revisit Tags and add Categories to the journal on the site here


Bought a new old house in Cincinnati, Ohio after a lifetime of renting. My boyfriend, cat Edie and I have now seen all the seasons in the abode, upgraded the electrical box, cleaned the gutters, vacuumed the ducts, mowed the grass and got a new roof.

Trying to ween myself off ad-supported social media and enjoying time on Mastodon. I’m excited by the idea of ActivityPub powering a new generation of disparate stuff we can string together. Like RSS, but easier I guess?

Recently had a not-so-great visit with my oncologist. 2023 is kicking off dedicated to personal health. Update from oncologist Feb 2023: My numbers have rebounded to the “good zone” so I can fret less about leukemia on the daily.

Other things swirling around:

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