June 1, 2023

Been getting out more – cautiously – but definitely… Still wear masks for indoor concerts and dense places, but otherwise opening things up… Going to restaurants and eating inside here and there (though patio seating is always better, no matter the pandemic)… Hanging with friends and family… Even joined a gym!

This is turning out to be a summer of concerts with shows in town, Louisville, Cleveland and Las Vegas.


Bought a new old house in Cincinnati, Ohio after a lifetime of renting.

My fella, cat Edie and I have now seen all the seasons, upgraded the electrical box, cleaned the gutters, vacuumed the ducts, mowed the grass and got a new roof.

If I could be as consistent with exercise as I am with watering plants, I’d be doing even better.

Working from home with friends remotely and starting to dream about a dedicated studio again…

Our work docket is plenty busy and I’m thankful for that as all the skies fill with droplets of AI.

Other things swirling around:

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