My first Now page. (Here’s the current one)

Currently home in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Coworking with other folks at the Northside Depot, an old building my friend rehabbed to house creative endeavors. 

I spend most of my days doing design consulting* for a variety of companies and organizations.

The depot is also the home of of Wire & Twine, our shared company that used to make a lot of t-shirts but was sitting idle for a while during the buildout. We’re dedicating Fridays to get more organized and come up with new products and add workshops to the mix, because screenprinting is fun to share.

Last year I completed a Fellowship from People’s Liberty where I took off a year from my consulting job and developed a project called PhotoCorps that celebrated intentional photography. It’s my side passion project and I’m working up some new ideas to expand it.

* Branding, websites, UI, marketing materials, schwag, social media, a bit of motion and that sort of stuff. I still enjoy it muchly.