Wild Bird Sanctuary

A barn owl spots dinner at the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary.

I’d been to this center that rehabilitates and houses birds in 2018 when the area was still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Irma — many coastal areas were closed off to visitors and much of the vegetation was destroyed. So it was extra nice to return six years later and see everything coming back in full force.

I learned about pneumatophores from Renee as we wandered around — they’re aerial roots from mangroves that rise up from the water. (Pictured below)

Another neat tidbit was this notch at the end of a walkway by the water that didn’t make much sense until you read the sign. It was a phone/camera holder to capture and share photos of the view over time. We snapped a couple photos and added to the time-lapse.

Afterward we stopped by the Florida Keys Brewing Company for a brew or two and then picked up some fried chicken and sides from Publix so we could watch the sunset again back at our place. (Hat tip to Casey’s dad for taking our photo while we basked in the moment.)

Related to all this, if you subscribe to some music streaming service, search “yacht rock” for playlists and ease into the moment.