A Milkshake and The Holdovers

After working late and delivering goods for the client event, I squeezed in a few hours of sleep and then hopped on a plane to Florida.

Casey has his own work event happening the following week in Orlando and always tries to visit his parents beforehand. I tag along to the family leg of the trip whenever possible.

After cursing CarPlay integration (fail) with our rental Chevy, we headed south to the Keys and made a pit stop for at Jaxsons — an ice cream parlour he’d visit with his dad.

They had banana ice cream which I had turned into a twelve dollar milkshake that was so thick it really would have benefitted from a spoon. It was very, very good.

As I gather digital clues for the day I’m reminded of watching The Holdovers on the flight down. Man, that film has an entire vibe. It hits with the retro vanity cards at the beginning and does not let up one iota — sets, outfits, hair, cars — everything on point.

I had no idea what to expect really, as the trailer is one of the rare ones that doesn’t spoil things — which I won’t do here. It’s a touching portrait of people struggling over Christmas break (and in general) and it’s exemplary. It has also garnered 5 Oscar nominations but I feel they’ve left one out, and that is for Dominic Sessa as Best Supporting Actor as Angus. It’s paced leisurely, set in winter and deals with emotion plus uncomfortable change. Do with that what you will.

Two thumbs up and a tissue for good measure.

Screen on back of airplane seat
Paul Giamatti in The Holdovers


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